Short - Glass (Olive)


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Short Glass
Height: 9 cm.
Diameter: 7,5 cm.
Dishwasher friendly: Yes
Hot beverages: Yes
Colour: Olive, green, yellow green, clear and light blue.

Try our glasses  - a more civilised way to drink straight from the bottle, while taking care of the environment.

These glasses is created by authentic recycled wine bottles the color, thickness, and bottom shape differ from one glass to the next. Our simple and functional design differs from other glass designs in both production method and raw materials: We use industrial glass in our production, which we refine via a production method we developed ourselves. Industrial glass requires many years of experience and places extensive limitations on what it is possible to create. Our design choices and aesthetic expression are directly shaped by those limitations. The final step of the production stress-relieves the glasses and make them dishwasher safe and heat friendly, so you can enjoy using the glasses for years to come.