Sustainable Glass Production

Get a solid grip on sustainable design with Jesper Jensen’s glass production
At Jesper Jensen the focus is on sustainability, environment and great, functional design.
For over 10 years we have produced drinking glasses and glass designs from reused wine bottles. We started our glass studio in Berlin in 2009. The studio is run without the classic glass furnace, which would normally be necessary for a glass production. The idea behind the Jesper Jensen glass production is to not melt the glass, but instead heat a bottle to the point where it is possible to reshape it by hand, transforming it into a new product, giving new life and meaning to old bottles. Berlin was an obvious place to start this production, since the big city had no Glashytte (the Scandinavian/German word for a traditional glass studio) and therefor had minimal experience and exposure to glass crafts. At the same time, the city could easily deliver all the used wine bottles needed for such a production. In 2021 Jesper Jensen Glashytte moved to Møn, a beautiful Island in the Southern part of Denmark and the production has become more streamlined. We now get our reused bottles and our beautiful wooden packaging from local, Danish suppliers. Even though we are a small company, we have one of Europe’s most recognisable designs. We deliver tumblers, vases and jugs to restaurants and hotels throughout Europe and have satisfied customers all over the world.