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Try our glasses a more civilized way to drink straight from the bottle while supporting a great cause - preserving the environment.

Coming full circle, these glasses is created by authentic recycled wine bottles the color, thickness, and bottom shape differ from glass to glass. Most of the bottles are collected from the community in Berlin and are as unique as each bottle they are cut from.

During our process the glasses are fire polished to make a smooth, even, rounded rim and two small indentations are manufactured on both sides of the glass to give it is unique feel and appearance.

The final step of the production stress relieves the glass and makes them dishwasher safe so you can enjoy using the glasses for years to come.

Our glasses are shipped in custom packaging that shows our dedication to the environment, handmade from old wooden fruit crates we pick up from the local greengrocer.

These glasses makes an earth-friendly addition to your kitchen, also great for use in restaurants, bars, and cafes.